Internet Payment Gateway

The Internet Payment Gateway (IPG) is an essential feature for modern websites where products or services are directly sold to customers and make your order and reservations more secure with payments. Payment gateways allow to accept credit card transactions and authorize payments instantly from your website in real time. This allows your customers to know immediately if their credit card transaction was approved or not, and your account receives funds immediately. We integrate any type of local and international bank’s payment gateways and any type of third party payment gateways.

Now people engage with internet because of the time people don’t have time to go bank and registered as users. It is easy and convenient to manage own paying. This E-Commerce platform will accelerate more business to your web. Payment gateways increases the trustworthy for both sides. This process require high skills and experience. Service mainly effect for providing service or hotel reservation. Synotec Holdings preserve trustworthy service for collecting online payments. With all other online options will increase the customers to your business. Have developed smooth accuracy system for achieve this with easy navigation.